Near Miss!

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Accidents are not always our fault. Sometimes we are left at the hands of others. In my case it was at the hands of others. Was this person not paying attention? Were they having a bad day? I don’t know, and probably won’t. All I do know is that I could have lost a friend, possibly two.

It’s been a week now; I was working with two of my friends, at one of our local (global) favorite oil company’s offices. It started out like any other day, doing the usual grind. My friends were in the grid in an office ceiling, about five feet off the ground installing uni-strut for a couple LCD projectors. I was the ground man on this day, there to assist them. Three sections of strut had already been installed, when my friend was preparing to install a fourth section, it was about 6 feet long. The next thing I know I hear a loud pop, almost like a gun shot, and see a flash. I looked at my two friends, and asked if they were ok? They seemed stunned, as was I. They both replied yes. A few seconds later I asked again, and they replied yes.

They both came down from the ladders. We gathered our thoughts, made sure they were really ok. It was the same feeling of being in a car crash. What just happened? After a couple minutes my friend who moved the strut went back into the ceiling grid to look at the damage. What he found was a blackened tile and uni-strut, and an electrical junction box without a cover and six inches of exposed wire, energized wire at 277 volts. It only takes one tenth of on amp to kill someone. This type of thing should not happen to us, we install audio and video equipment.

Needless to say, my friend who has a wife and daughter, was mad, scared, and who knows what else? He could have lost his life; my other friend could have been shocked or electrocuted too. Thanks to God, no one was injured.

Later it was determined that we had done all that we could do to prevent the accident. The fault was with an electrician who did not complete his work. We may never know who that person is. There is only a small handful of people it could have been responsible.

Later we were able to joke some, kind of stress relief, as this happened at nine in the morning and we stayed at work until 2:30 PM. I am not sure what to think of this accident, except that we were blessed that no one was injured.



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What to write about? A taste of my own medicine doesn’t taste so good.

I am almost finished with my AA from HCC! It’s only taken 28 years.

But the best thing is church was great tonight!

That’s all.


Real Life sets in

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Today is three days after my dad had a T.I.A. (transient ischemic attack) A TIA is a “warning stroke” or “mini-stroke” that produces stroke-like symptoms but no lasting damage. http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4781
Having witnessed the immediate effects on my dad and family, mild was not what I would call it. I guess it could have been worse.

I was driving home from my Saturday morning job at a Channel 11, I get a call from my Dad’s house, nothing unusual, he calls sometimes to see if I want to go eat breakfast with them. I answer, it is my step-mother, in a panicked voice I hear “something is wrong with your father. When are you going to get here?” I say I can be there in about ten minutes and hang up. Something tells me to call back and have her call an ambulance. She does and it gets there in about 3 minutes.

I exit the freeway and there is a train. I think Now what else can go wrong. Fortunately the train is at the end when I get to the intersection. I get to my dad’s house, the paramedics are there, checking him out. He was awake, just kind of out it, mumbling not making sense. My step-mother was worried, panicked. They finish their exam and suggest taking him to St Luke’s or Methodist Hospital for their stroke teams. St Luke’s is full, so they take him to Methodist.

We get to the hospital and they take him in immediately. The nurses and doctors at the hospital took great care of my dad. I am thankful for them and the paramedics from the Houston Fire Department.

After a few anxious hours he slowly comes out of the effects. Today is Monday and I am on my way to the hospital, hopefully he will be getting out today.

One thing I learned from this is to never miss out on a chance to tell someone you love them.

Update: Dad is home, doing well. The doctor is now saying he had a transient global amnesia episode. Doesn’t sound quite as bad, just as scary to witness.


Why I vacation in Hawaii!

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Maybe you wonder (or don’t) why I love Hawaii? One of the reason is I LOVE warm, hot weather. I love wearing shorts and t-shirts.
Last night I experienced why I don’t like cold, snow, etc… I flew iinto Denver with a couple of colleagues on our way to work in Durango, CO. The flight in was nothing special;except for the stewardist coming on the intercom and saying something to the effect of “In case of an emergency leave your belongings and exit the plane at the nearest exit”. Never heard that statement landing in Hawaii. Did I forget to mention it is snnowing here in Denver.
Denver? You say. I thought you were on your way to Durango? That’s right, you are catching on 🙂 After an hour layover in Denver we boarded our plane to Durango. After taxing for a while, we stopped to have the plane de-iced. Once again, de-icing never happened to me in Hawaii, or Houston for that matter. After an hour or so, we are off the ground and headed to our destination.
The flight was good, not too many bumps. The stewardist walks down the aisle and over hear her telling a passenger we may be returned to Denver. A couple of minutes later she gets on the intercom and tells us that there is snow and possibly ice on the runway. The airport crew would have to clear it and will let us know when we can land. (Never has happened to me in Hawaii) After circling Durango or somewher in Colorado, our bringer of good news tells us that there is ice AND the wind has picked up. We would be returning to Hawaii, I mean Denver. I was hoping she meant Hawaii.
After about three-and-half hours of being on a flight that should have been only anhour, we land. Story over you think?? No, we still have to book new flights, we can’t get to Durango for a day. By now it is about 12 am Mountain time, we still are living on Central time. So we get booked for Tuesday, two days later than planned. Now to retrieve our luggage. We are told it will take 45 minutes to get it off the plane. No problem, I am traveling with two smokers who by this time are gettting the shakes because it has been 5 or more hours since their last nicotine hit. They had gone to the smoking lounge in the terminal and it was closed. They head outside near the baggage claim. Problem solved. I stay by the baggage turnstile. After a while, I have lost track of time by now, there comes one of our bags, then 2, 3,4,5…ok there should be a sixth. Ok it has got to be here. Waiting, waiting, nothing. The best part of that is it was not my bag missing. So my colleague and an a customer service guy search the area, the computer, no it has been off loaded and put out here. It must be out here somewhere. After a while, I tell colleague let me check the tags. I bet they are mistaken. Sure enough they put his tag on my bag, so the computer was right the tag they scanned was his. Now I informed the agent he is now looking for a bag with my tag number. Oh Mr. Coleague, “your bag is still in Houston. It will be in Durango tomorrow” (today) said the kind agent. (He’s had to deal with many frustrated travelers) “Mr Agent, we will not be in Durango until day after tomorrow. Who will pick his bag up? “Oh, we will”, he said.
So you may recall I was traveling with one other colleague. He has been on the phone for 45 or so minutes trying to find a hotel for us. Eventually he finds one and we check in at about 2:30 am or so. The kind counter person the hotel reminds us check out is at 11. “Goodnight”.


Christmas 2007

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It’s Christmas and I had a great time. This is the first time in about nine years that I have not worked on Christmas Eve. I have worked for a large church in the past that had several services on Christmas Eve. That is iusually the time in which my family gets together. This year I spent time with family, some friends, on Christmas Eve. Nothing special, just time. I don’t seem to spend time with family as much as I used to. I always seem to be working. I need to take more time out for friends and family. Not work so much!


Random stuff

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One of my favorite friend/colleague asked me why I had not been blogging. I replied that my life is not as interesting as hers. She said to write about anything. So with that today I made some observances.

1. The first is I think I am becoming more forgetful. So having said that, some of my day’s recollections may not be real accurate. I went to a local store, about eight miles away, got out of my car and realized I left my wallet at home.

2. Drivers in Houston are rude. I lost rack of how many times I was cut off today.

3. Another colleague told us not to be texting on our phones and “grow up”. I replied I was grown up from 23 to 40 years old and refuse to be grown up anymore. I want to have fun

4. God is good. In spite of myself God has been good to me.

5. Friends are good. See number 4 above.

6. Broken hearts still hurt.

That’s all I have for now!


Thanksgiving 2007

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Things I am thankful for:

  1. God’s love for us
  2. My Daughter
  3. My Family
  4. My Friends
  5. Living in the USA
  6. People I have met through missions
  7. Sobriety
  8. My dog
  9. Having a place to live
  10. Having food to eat
  11. My church
  12. God
  13. Having a job
  14. Hawaii
  15. Not wondering where my next meal is coming from
  16. My Bible
  17. Prayer
  18. Everyone who I have come in contact with
  19. My spiritual teachers
  20. The ability to learn from mistakes
  21. Dr Pepper
  22. Pizza
  23. God
  24. Did I already say Hawaii???

and many more things I can’t even think of now. Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless


Durango, CO

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I am in Durango, Colorado working. I have been here since Sunday. It is a beautiful place. Mountains everywhere, and one of the things I like least: it is cold! High 20s in the morning. Fortunately it is only cold in the morning and warms up to the mid-60s.

I haven’t done too much here, mostly just work. Hopefully there will be some site seeing later. I’ll let you know.


A meeting with some soldiers

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Aug 28, 2007 9:51 PM

 As I walked in the airport I never expected to cry for strangers. I was in the Salt Lake City airport on August 27th 2007. Excited to be going home a day early from being away to work in Wyoming for the week. It was my dad’s birthday and I would be seeing him soon.
           I was a couple of hours early for my flight, so I decided to go to the gift shop to look around. As I turned the corner, I saw some soldiers in the store. I wanted to talk to them but was no sure how to approach them. I looked around the shop, and stepped out and was checking the soldiers and their families when I heard a little girl crying. I looked over and saw her with her Army dad, big brother? I don’t know? I started to tear up; the war in Iraq had not been so real to me until this time. Sure I have seen it on television, the news, etc. But have not witnessed anything like this before.
           I stood there a while longer when I noticed three Army soldiers standing together talking. I am not sure if they had family there or not. I finally gathered up the courage to walk over to them and ask, ” Are you coming or going?”  “Going” one of them said, he could not be more than about twenty-three or four. Nervous, and not sure how to ask what their unit was, I stumbled over the question, and telling them I would like to pray for them while they were gone. The three collectively tried to explain that they were 145th battalion, under the 181st division. (I think) I know they were 145th tied to the 181st; I may not have the battalion/division right. I just said I would pray for the 145th and 181st.
           I thanked them for serving our country and all they did, and said bye. I stepped back towards the shop and observed some more. I saw three ladies with a soldier saying their goodbyes, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunts, I am not sure again. I was tearing up again and walked toward my gate. Later I remembered I had not asked them how long they were scheduled to be gone. As I was sitting at the gate waiting for my plane, I saw the soldiers head into the walkway toward the jet.  I saw the three ladies again, this time they were looking out of a window closer to me watching their loved ones pull away from the terminal. Once again, I gathered up my courage, walked over to them and explained that I would be praying for their 145th guys and girls and would like to know how long they were scheduled to be gone. Nine months they said. They appeared surprised at first, and then kind of smiled. I thanked them and walked away.

I’m jealous

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My favorite Ironman competitor/weekend coworker is leaving to travel the world, start a new career and is not taking me. 🙁

I’ll miss seeing her, but I am happy for her.

Happy travels